3 Things You Can Do To Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Pain

23 January 2023
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The fibrous band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes is known as the plantar fascia. When this band of tissue becomes inflamed, you can develop a painful condition called plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis can cause you to feel stabbing pain or a burning sensation in your heel. It's important that you are familiar with some things you can do to relieve plantar fasciitis pain so that you can continue to function effectively when this condition flares up.

Here are three things that you can try to relieve your plantar fasciitis pain in the future.

1. Untuck Your Bedsheets

Doing something as simple as untucking your bedsheets at night can help you relieve your plantar fasciitis pain.

When your bedsheets are tucked in, your feet become extended as you fall asleep. This position can cause the plantar fascia to become shortened. Walking on a shortened plantar fascia can increase the amount of pain that you feel with each step.

By untucking your sheets, you can keep your feet bent in a 90-degree position. This position stretches your plantar fascia and could help provide some relief from your pain throughout the following day.

2. Engage in Low-Impact Exercise

It's important to get regular exercise on a daily basis, even if you have plantar fasciitis. The type of exercise that you choose to engage in can make a difference when it comes to your pain levels.

You want to avoid any high-impact exercise that involves a lot of jumping, running, or stress. High-impact exercise can agitate your plantar fasciitis and cause even more inflammation and pain.

Low-impact exercises like swimming or cycling can help you enjoy the health benefits of regular exercise while minimizing the impact on your feet. You should experience a reduction in plantar fasciitis pain when you make the switch to a low-impact exercise routine.

3. Wear the Right Shoes

The choices you make when it comes to footwear will play a major role in your plantar fasciitis pain levels.

You should always wear shoes that have plenty of arch support to keep your plantar fascia in good condition. Specialized inserts can be purchased to add even more support on days when your pain is intensified.

Avoid wearing high heels or athletic shoes that don't have proper arch support. These shoes can put a lot of additional stress on your heels, which can exacerbate plantar fasciitis pain. 

For more info about plantar fasciitis relief, contact a local doctor.