Non-Surgical Treatment For Heel Pain

24 May 2022
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Heel pain may be caused by several factors, including wearing the wrong footwear, heel spurs, a previous injury, or plantar fasciitis. These conditions or issues can leave you in so much pain that walking can be difficult, and resting can also leave you in pain as well. If you have pain in your heels, there are treatments that can help you. Surgery may also be a treatment that may be necessary, but the non-surgical treatments should be attempted first. Read on for some of the non-surgical treatments you should attempt before surgery.

Apply Kinesiology Tape

Use kinesiology tape applied to the heel and to the arch of the foot to give more support to your foot. Apply a piece horizontally across the arch to pull it up, then apply a piece or two of the tape across the heel from the arch to the heel to give support to your heel. This may be some trial and error on how tight to apply the tape and where to apply the tape to your foot. Continue using the tape to see if it helps you.

Wear Shoe Inserts

Wear shoe inserts in your shoes to give you extra support in the shoes that you wear daily. Wear these inserts in all of your shoes to give extra cushion and support that you need for your feet. Change the inserts every couple of months, as they can eventually wear out as well. Inserts that are cut specifically for your feet can also be used. Talk to your podiatrist about special orthotics for your feet and for your foot problem. 

Change Your Shoes 

The shoes you wear daily may be the problem. Wear low heels. Flip flops that don't have any support at all should not be worn at all. Your shoes should have support in the arch, heel, ankle, and sides of the foot as well to keep them from moving and to prevent injuries. If your shoes are old, they may be worn out and not have enough support, you should invest in new shoes if this is the case. 

If you have heel pain, it can cause all types of problems for you. Surgery may end up being the answer, but you should talk about non-surgical treatments with your podiatrist to help alleviate the pain. Make an appointment with a podiatrist today.

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