Foot Pain Relief: What You Can Do

17 October 2018
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Pain in your feet can be caused by all types of things, such as wearing the wrong shoes, having an improper gait, being overweight, or from not stretching before exercising. If you have foot pain, read on for some remedies to help alleviate the pain.

Rethink Your Footwear Choices

The shoes you choose to wear on a daily basis may be causing you foot pain, and could also be causing you lower back pain, hip pain, or other pain as well. If your footwear includes flip flops, flats (without any support), tennis shoes you've been wearing for several years, or high heels (over 2 inches), you may want to make a few changes. Your footwear should give you proper support and shouldn't cause you any pain either while wearing your shoes or after you've taken them off. Be sure your shoes offer support in the arch, ankle, and sides of your feet to prevent pain, strain or injury.

Exercise Daily

If you're overweight, it may be leaving you with foot pain, in addition to other aches and pains. It can cause a lot of strain on your feet and ankles to carry around the extra weight, so getting rid of some of that weight can be very beneficial. Begin an exercise routine (after consulting with your physician) to lose some of the extra weight. A diet program in addition to exercising can help get you back to a healthy weight.


Stretching can also improve foot pain. Simple stretches such as pressing the toes of one of your feet against a wall, while pressing your weight into this foot can stretch the arch, muscles and ligaments in the foot. Repeat on the other side. Calf raises can also improve foot pain, as can using your toes to lift a towel off of the floor. These stretches and foot exercises can alleviate pain and keep your feet healthy to prevent injury.

Improve Your Gait

If you walk with one foot turned in, or you walk on the outsides of your feet, it can cause you all types of foot pain. To help improve your gait, you can visit a podiatrist for help with this. A podiatrist can offer therapy to improve the way you walk, as well as fit you for shoes that will help you walk properly, or diagnose issues that may be causing your improper gait.  

If you have foot pain, get to your podiatrist for a diagnosis and for treatment options to alleviate your pain. Contact a clinic like Advanced Foot Clinic to learn more.