The Most Common Symptoms Shown In Young Athletes With Flat Feet

2 March 2016
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The earlier flat feet are detected in young athletes, the lower the chances will be that this podiatry irregularity will affect performance in beloved sports activities.

Although flat feet can be apparent at birth in some children, it usually takes some time before symptoms begin to show that indicate flat feet. The following are the most common symptoms children begin to show that indicate that flat feet are causing interference in athletic activities:

Cramps or discomfort in any part of the leg or foot

Flat feet don't only cause pain in the feet. They can also cause pain in muscles and joints in any part of the leg. In fact, it's even possible for flat feet to lead to back pain. 

An awkward gait or sudden changes in the way a child walks

As a child grows, his or her gait can change. If the child has flat feet, sudden changes in the way he or she walks can occur that indicate the need for orthotics. 

If your child is walking or running abnormally, flat feet could be a significant problem that will detract from his or her ability to engage in athletic activities. 

Decreasing desire to engage in athletic activities

Very young children may suddenly lose interest in athletic activities if flat feet are causing discomfort. 

Don't expect a very young child to directly explain that discomfort is the reason he or she is no longer interested in sports. If your child senses that you are eager for him or her to participate, it's possible that your child may not want to explain that participation in previously-enjoyed activities is causing pain. 

A notable decrease in energy levels

A sudden drop in energy levels could indicate an orthotic problem, and flat feet is one of the most common orthotic problems that young athletes experience. By some estimates, 25 percent of the American population suffers from flat feet issues. 

A heel that noticeably tilts to the outside

In some kids with flat feet, the heel will obviously point to the outside in a way that looks uncomfortable and unnatural. Look out for this tendency if you suspect that your child has flat feet. 

Problems finding comfortable shoes

A child with flat feet issues won't be able to find comfortable shoes easily. However, he or she may find it difficult to explain why shoes seem uncomfortable. 

If buying a comfortable new pair of shoes seems like an overwhelming task, flat feet could be the issue. Fortunately, flat feet can easily be remedied with orthotics once you know the cause of the problem. For more information, contact Dr. Lisa M. Schoene or a similar medical professional.