Coping With Foot Arthritis When Standing At Work

27 May 2015
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Sufferers of arthritis can have a really difficult time remaining comfortable when working at positions where they have to remain on their feet for long periods. This can really interfere with the arthritis sufferer's ability to do his or her job. But there are luckily ways that arthritis sufferers can treat their symptoms to make the day easier to get through.

Work Closely with Your Foot Clinic

You will need to work with a foot clinic to overcome the pain that comes from arthritis because your foot clinic expert will need to not only treat the pain, but the injury or deformity that is causing the pain. Arthritis is a collection of more than 100 diseases and your doctor will need to determine which one you have. To get a better sense of the problem, your doctor will usually order an X-Ray or CT scan. After the foot clinic has diagnosed the cause of your arthritis, you can be prescribed the right type of medications that can both alleviate pain and treat the root cause of the problem, such as anti-inflammatories.

Change Your Shoes

Consider getting a pair of shoes that are wider. Stop wearing shoes that are pointed or have high-heels because they can put pressure on the bunion, which can be uncomfortable. Also, if your arthritis is causing a burning sensation in your feet, you should avoid tying your shoes too tightly.

To get the right pair of shoes, you should consider going to a foot store and having your feet measured. Your shoe size might have changed and you may need shoes that are bigger or smaller. Consider getting shoes that are custom-made to have orthodontics built into them. Alternatively, you could get over-the-counter insoles.

Ask Your Boss for Accomodations

Talk to your boss about ways you can reduce the pain that can cause your arthritis symptoms to worsen. For instance, you will want to avoid performing tasks that involve carrying a lot of weight. Your employer should make accommodations to where he provides a method by which you can carry a heavy object without bearing the weight of it, such as using a dolly. Also, ask your employer if there is a position you can be moved to that does not require you to stand for long periods.

You may have to make changes to your lifestyle to cope with arthritis, but you will need to remember to follow the steps that your foot doctor has recommended. This is likely the only way to reduce pain to the point where you are able to function.