How To Make Wearing Heels Easier On Your Feet

26 February 2015
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It's a well known fact that wearing heels, especially ultra-high ones, is bad for your feet. Podiatrists treat many women with ankle sprains, chronic heel pain and bunions from wearing high heels. The best thing for your feet is to ditch heels entirely and opt instead for flat, well-cushioned shoes that fit well. However, this is not always possible for professionals who are expected to adhere to a corporate dress code and dress to impress clients.

If you can't ditch your heels, or if doing so is more of a hassle than you wish to face, you can still take a few steps to minimize the harm that your heels cause.

Wear flat shoes when walking, and switch to heels when you get to work.

To minimize the distance that you walk in your heels each day, try wearing a pair of comfortable flats until you actually arrive at the office. You can switch to your heels in your car before walking in or at your desk, depending on your office setup.

Choose chunkier, shorter heels when possible.

Wider heels at least offer more support for your heel, and they also reduce your chances of slipping and twisting your ankle. Stay away from stilettos, and choose the shortest, chunkiest heels you can get away with wearing.

Place cushioned pads in your heels.

Visit your local drugstore and purchase a pair of cushioned insoles for your heels. You may need one pair for each set of heels, since you typically have to cut the insoles to fit a specific shoe. The pads help reduce pressure on your feet as you walk and may prevent issues such as corns, calluses and arch pain.

Slip your shoes off while sitting under your desk.

Even when you're not walking, having your foot in the extended position that heels place it in can strain your tendons. Slip your shoes off when you're sitting at your desk to give your feet a break, and only put them on again when you need to get up and walk. When purchasing heels, make sure you buy pairs that you can slip on and off easily.

High heels have remained popular because many people like the way they look. However, they are a podiatrist's nightmare, leading to a host of foot problems. To prevent yourself from ending up in your doctor's office with foot pain and misshapen toes, wear your heels wisely and only when necessary. If you're already suffering from foot problems, speak with professionals like Aboite Podiatry Associates PC to find a solution.