Osteoarthritis Treatment: What It Entails And Signs You Need It

19 November 2021
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Currently, osteoarthritis affects more than 32.5 million Americans. Osteoarthritis is among the major causes of disability in older adults. It is also a significant factor in the loss of independence among senior citizens. The condition commonly affects the weight-bearing joints, such as the hips and knees, but can also affect the back and hands. Osteoarthritis treatment includes physical therapy, weight loss if needed, anti-inflammatory medication, and surgery. When Should You Seek Osteoarthritis Treatment? Read More 

Faqs Before Cortisone Injections In The Plantar Fascia

24 May 2021
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If you've tried ice, rest, stretching, and a foot wrap — and yet your plantar fasciitis still makes it hard to walk — your doctor will likely recommend cortisone injections. Getting these injections is a lot easier and less invasive than surgery, and they do tend to be effective for many moderate to severe cases of plantar fasciitis. But if you have a few questions before that needle sinks into your foot, you're not alone. Read More