Foot Pain Relief: What You Can Do

17 October 2018
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Pain in your feet can be caused by all types of things, such as wearing the wrong shoes, having an improper gait, being overweight, or from not stretching before exercising. If you have foot pain, read on for some remedies to help alleviate the pain. Rethink Your Footwear Choices The shoes you choose to wear on a daily basis may be causing you foot pain, and could also be causing you lower back pain, hip pain, or other pain as well. Read More 

How To Know If You Need To See A Podiatrist

5 April 2018
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It is very important to make sure that you are keeping up with the health of your feet and ankles. Should you have trouble, you will want to know whether it is time to seek out the professional advice of a podiatric sports medicine clinic. This way, you will get all of the help you need before your painful troubles get any worse. So, take a moment to review the following signs that indicate that it is time for you to see a foot and ankle specialist. Read More